3 Month Coaching Program

There is nothing worse than feeling “stuck…” IMG_0364You have some short term goals in mind, but you aren’t sure what that next step is! 

Tweaking your mindset, finding some clarity and having an accountability partner (ME!) to encourage you to keep moving in the direction you have your heart set on, but are struggling to move toward – that might be all you need! 

You may need empowerment to:

  • get yourself out there on the dating scene
  • to leave that relationship you’ve been in far too long
  • maybe you need to sit your boss down and ask why she hasn’t noticed how much extra you do …  or why you didn’t get that last promotion
  • you may have a new career path in mind
  • you want to find your inner strength, fight your demons, to maintain those weight loss goals 
  • maybe you are even looking at furthering your education
  • your children, although you love them dearly, may be sucking the life out of you; you need more “you” time, but don’t know how to fit it in or where to start
  • you suffered a trauma, loss, abuse, and want to find “your” purpose again, love “yourself”, live a life of true resilience and hapiness because you are NOT your story

Short term goals, like these, and many others, that focus on:

  • resilience, self-esteem/confidence, personal happiness, health and wellness, anxiety, stress, empowerment, life purpose, self-care

These are exactly what this 3 month Empowerment and Personal Development coaching program is all about! 

The focus of your personal transformation journey is on your happiness and loving yourself, and it begins here, with YOU and ME!

What You Get:

  • 30 minute Discovery Session 
  • Resources developed to suit your individual needs
  • Worksheets, pdfs, activities/exercises, articles, ebooks, resource recommendations and more to support your goals
  • 6 (60-90 minute) Skype video, in person at my office (if in Victoria area) or phone sessions 
  • Post-session notes and Action Items provided to you via shared Google Drive or email after each session
  • Email support as needed

Your investment in YOU:

  • 3 monthly payments of $550.00; OR one full payment of $1500.00
  • You will have clarity around your short term goals, and be motivated and accepting of challenges as you hit the ground running to achieve them.  You are a kick ass woman!