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As your Life Coach, Krista will:


-ask empowering and intuitive questions
-support you
-challenge you
-motivate you
-help you stretch your limits
-break through resistance
-raise your self-awareness
-turn life’s challenges into opportunities
-determine your dreams and goals
-help design “your” action plan to realize “your” dreams and goals
-re-frame your world… therefore improving your performance and enhancing your overall quality of life!

“I will help you get from where you are, to where you want to be!”


 Krista D. P. Hill, B.Ed, CCP, CRCP, MLOA

My Journey

I decided to become a Life Coach when I became more self-aware, and was consistently able to view life’s challenges as opportunities, due to my acceptance of gratitude.

Initially, I thought I would use my experience of being widowed at age 37, after 13 years of marriage; and the grief and guilt my daughter (then 10 years old) and I endured and had to work through, to inspire and help others.  I also wanted to share our families’ experiences of living with a husband, dad and RCMP/military member who suffered with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) for nearly 10 years, until the day he took his own life.

But my journey has evolved into more than that.

We all have a story… a journey… happiness and loss.

My experience with grief and loss doesn’t begin, nor does it end with my husband’s suicide 4 years ago.  There have been other struggles along the way as well.  But my struggles don’t define me.

I embrace the journey, practice gratitude each and every day, and I address my own limiting beliefs with mindfulness, wellness practice, and personal/professional development… I am not going to claim to be perfect!

However, I am happy, very happy.  I have achieved balance and a fulfilling and authentic life.  That is what my journey has evolved into.  That is what I want to help you achieve!

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Advanced Certified Life and Executive Coach
  • Law of Attraction Master Practitioner
  • Certified Cognitive Reflex Conditioning Practitioner
  • Certified Roots of Empathy Instructor
  • over 18 years of varied personal and professional career experience
  • taught adult high school, special needs students (primarily Down Syndrome) high school
  • high school Career Counselor
  • Regional Coordinator (Key Point Person) for Roots of Empathy
  • coaching and counseling experience as a Family Support Worker (focusing on goal setting, relationships, lifestyle, organizational skills, early childhood development, parenting, employment, transitions, finances and academic planning)
  • Ages and Stages Practitioner
  • Super Dads trainer
  • Hypnolinguistics, science of happiness, health and wellness (including nutrition), stress management, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, mental health issues including anxiety and stress, drug and alcohol training, grief due to death by suicide, Triple P Parenting, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Postpartum Depression, (currently working toward sport psychology certification)

I volunteer by giving time in my community and others:

  • (current) When travelling, we find a way to give back to the communities we are visiting (we volunteer our time with children, animals, less fortunate, on projects, etc)
  • (current) Past President on the Board of Directors for the Strathmore Polominos Water Club, which she co-founded and established
  • (current) Bell Let’s Talk Facilitator
  • (past) Community Awareness Coordinator for Victim Services
  • (past) School Council (Scholarship and Awards Coordinator)
  • (past) Board of Directors Club Volleyball
  • (past) President co-founder of Strathmore Polominos Water Polo Club
    • built this successful non-profit organization from the ground up

My Passions


I love to travel (ANYWHERE…ANYTIME)! I am passionate about health and wellness, enjoy volunteering, art, watching my daughter play water polo, outdoor activities, my dog Oscar; I love coffee, the Seattle Seahawks, babies, kids, teens, seniors, turtles, dogs, bunnies, ducks, giraffes, manatees, dolphins, donkeys, horses, alpacas… all people and animals honestly!

Spending time with friends and loved ones brings me joy, as does meeting new people! As an ambivert (self-proclaimed 1/2 introvert, 1/2 extrovert) I like to spend time on my own as well.

I am almost always smiling or laughing and can always find something to be grateful for, despite any circumstances.


I am passionate about overcoming obstacles and fears, lifelong learning and education, gratitude, health and wellness; and want to encourage and support you to break through your barriers and discover your passions as well!

How I will empower you…

Whether you are:

  • pursuing a new career
  • achieving a specific goal
  • working on a relationship(s)
  • wanting to improve confidence or self-esteem
  • want a more balanced and fulfilling life
  • other…

I will support you with an encouraging, authentic and collaborative relationship to achieve your goals.

Together, we will determine your intentions and goals, then create a structure to work toward those goals, that is both inspiring and achievable. I will provide you with the tools you need to empower yourself, to ensure success.  These tools will allow you to live beyond your limiting beliefs and show you what is really possible. You will begin to see benefits in all areas of your life!  The best part is… this is sustainable!

Once you begin to make this change, you are more empowered, more courageous, more authentic. You will become more inspired to embrace your journey, the good and bad, and practice gratitude everyday.  Not only will you have achieved the goal(s) you set out to achieve when you first trusted me to empower you, but you will be living a happier, more fulfilling life!


What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professional who works with people who want to improve and live their lives to the fullest. A Coach offers new perspectives to identify hidden strengths, passions, and deep rooted desires of their clients. They help their clients create a plan of action to turn dreams into reality and provide support and tools to facilitate their objectives to reach those goals and attain dreams they didn’t think were a possibility!

A Coach is a strategist, realist, innovative partner and strategic thinker.

Coaching is based on accountability.

Accountability to your:

*dreams and goals

*specific action steps

*measurable results

It is this foundation that will create results for you!


IMG_2381 (2)   Kevin D. Hill, BBA, CCP, MMP, MLOA

Kevin is Krista’s life and business partner.  He will take a more active role in our business in the future.  However, you will get to know him at workshops, retreats and other events, in the meantime.

As your coach, Kevin will help you ascend your path in finding accelerated clarity and focus in your life. He believes in a growth mindset, will challenge you, and will help you to align your values with life goals. Kevin will bring the energy, hold you accountable, and push you to the next level.

Kevin holds the following designations and certifications: Certified Life Coach Practitioner, Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Motivation Coach, Law of Attraction Master Practitioner, Certified Cognitive Reflex Conditioning Practitioner, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Environmental Management Certificate. He has more than 20 years of personal and professional career experience.

Kevin has additional training in:

  • science of happiness
  • positive psychology
  • health and wellness
  • science of resilience
  • Robin Sharma success training
  • Jack Canfield success training
  • living large with Tony Horton
  • science of a meaningful life
  • advanced motivation
  • confidence
  • achievement accelerator
  • Buddhism and modern psychology
  • science of everyday thinking
  • hypnolinguistics
  • power and science of coaching
  • coaching for excellence
  • coaching for learning and development
  • Project Management Level II
  • interpersonal communication skills
  • conflict resolution
  • influencing with integrity.

He is currently an Environmental Specialist / Inspection Officer / Project Manager and has also worked with landowner issues, and Quality Management Systems / audits. He has several years of work experience in coaching and training junior employees, and delivering technical presentations.

Kevin is a Co-Founder (with Krista Hill) of the Strathmore Polominos Water Polo Club, and recently served on the Board of directors as Vice President.

Earlier in his life, Kevin struggled with confidence, life direction, and anxiety issues. Several years ago, Kevin decided to take the necessary short and long-term steps to overcome these issues and break down the walls that were limiting his life goals. This was achieved through various methods, including learning from some of the gurus – Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Jack Canfield, Eckhart Tolle, among others. Kevin believes that everyone can, and deserves to, achieve their best life…and he would love to help you accomplish this!

Kevin is passionate about learning, health and wellness, and joy/happiness.  He also loves family, traveling, sports, and blogging.

We would love to know more about you. 



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